Antarctic nights

Some nights are like this. After running after penguins and prepping samples in the lab all day, I am finally on my way to sleep. I step out of the door and change my mind, grab my camera and spend two more hours watching it snow.  

Christmas chicks

If you were an Adélie parent, you would worry about the amount of ice. Normally at this time of year I would be spending the holidays back home in Telemark together with my family and it would get dark at 4pm. Instead, I am here, it is midnight, still light, and I am staring at … More Christmas chicks

Dumont d’Urville

After seven days at sea, we are finally here. Although, “finally” is not really appropriate since other people might spend up to three weeks stuck in the pack ice. We have been really lucky, which makes me think that the ocean might have some other plans for us on the way back in February. Among … More Dumont d’Urville